About Free International Airport „Marculesti” (FIAM)

The FIAM has a favorable geographical location (neighborhood with European Union) and developed infrastructure, the S.E. „International Airport Marculesti” came with initiative to create Free Airport and was sustained by Government and Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, that adopted on 10 of July 2008, the Low no. 178-XVI concerning Free International Airport „Marculesti”.

The Free Airport was founded for a term of 25 years and has as a goal the acceleration of aerian transportation, aerian services, industrial production oriented on export and on external commercial activities.

The territory of Free Airport has a surface of 265, 2295 hectares and consists of aerodrome territory (205, 59457 hectares) and developing territory (59, 6395 hectares).

The State Enterprise „International Airport Marculesti” is the Operator of the airport, General Investor and resident of Free Airport.

The Free Airport offers to national and international investors an excellent investment environment and developing its activities in neighborhood with European Union.

The residents of Free Airport have the rights to develop the following activities:
- rendering ground services and air transport service;
- wholesale trade, with the exception of the products excluded from civil circulation;
- industrial production of the products;
- processing of agri-foodstuff;
-sorting, packaging, marking and other similar operations with transit goods through Free Airport;
- rendering paid services to Free Airport residents and foreign companies;
- other auxiliary types of activities, such as public utilities, storage services, construction, renting and/or lease, catering, etc, necessary for development of mentioned activities.

There are a lot of localities in neighborhood of Free Airport where industrial enterprises are located, including ex soviet military complex, with highly skilled labor force.