Residents of FA

The resident of Free Airport can be each natural and juridical person form the Republic of Moldova or other country, registered in the Republic of Moldova as the subject of entrepreneurship activity, that has property or lease goods and lands on the territory of Free Airport and is registered as resident by Government representative.

The Government representative registers for free the economic entity as resident of Free Airport, selected by General Investor.

The general investor ensures equal conditions for all economic entities during the selection process of residents, ensures the information accessibility concerning conditions of carrying of the Free Airport activities, keeps commercial secret concerning present investment projects. The selected economic entity signs with General Investor the lease contract of goods or lends on the territory of Free Airport.

In order to be registered as resident of Free Airport, the economic entity is selected by General Investor and than write a declaration to Government representative.

The declarant will attach to the declaration the following documents:
- certificate of State registration of the enterprise;
- constituent documents of the enterprise, foreseen by law;
- identity card of the manager;
- extract from Public Register that can confirm manager authorization;
- confirmation of contract viability, concluded with General Investor concerning the lease of goods or lands on the territory of Free Airport.