If new laws will be adopted that can worse the conditions of residences activity on customs, fiscal and other regimes, foreseen by law concerning the activity of Free Airport, the residents have the right to activate during 10 years according to present law stipulations until the day of new laws application, but do not exceed the term of working of Free Airport. This norm will be applied to the activity carried by the residents within investment projects registered and implemented until the adoption of a new law.

The human security and environment protection are the principles kept strictly by S.E. ”International Airport Mărculesti”. That’s why we’ve assumed the responsibilities to observe national and international standards concerning health protection, security and environment protection. From this point of view, the S.E. ”International Airport Mărculesti” tries to have an activity without incidents.

We assume the responsibilities to offer necessary means to protect the environment and to ensure the security for employees, clients, suppliers and everybody involved in the activity of Free Airport.