About State Enterprise „International Airport Mărculeşti” (IAM)

  • IAM was founded on basis of Parliamentary Decision of the Republic of Moldova no. 6678-VI from 23.11.2001, of the Government no. 444 on April 11, 2002 and the Order of Minister of Defense no. 18 , January 29, 2004.
  • IAM develops its activity on the territory of ex military aerodrome Marculesti, where the staff represents more than 90% of ex pilots, engineers and technicians of air force base, the high qualified specialists that had received international licenses after training courses.
  • IAM owns Certificates of Aerian Operator and Airport Operator.
  • IAM has the followings:
    • Airplanes and helicopters
    • Run way (2 500 m X 40 m), that has been repaired in 1986 and 2005 and that can ensure landing and take-off of different airships, inclusively An-124 „Ruslan”, C-17 „Globmaster”.
    • Taxistrip (2 500 m X 14 m); 4 exits to run way with latitude of 14 m;
    • Parking platform for airships with surface of 24 000 m;
    • Control tower of the flights, airport office, hotel, check-point, auxiliary buildings
    • Maintenance depot for airships, laboratories and workshops for adjusting and technical maintenance, autopark for special cars, technical and special equipment
    • Complex of fuel tank
    • Hangars with total surface of 7680 m² and of volume 36 172 m³
    • Branch line (240 m)
    • Electricity, water, gas, communications

The enterprise gained a rich experience activating on international aerian transportation, especially on U.N.O. humanitarian programs.