Aircraft type A300 landed on the International Airport Marculesti

         On 30th June, an aircraft type A300 landed on the International Airport Marculesti, having on board 40 tons of industrial goods of large consumption.

This event waited long ago, having a major importance for the collective of the airport, neighbouring localities and for the entirely country, joins the strategy to accelerate the development of air transports, air navigation servicies, industrial production  oriented to export and foreign commercial activity, which are on the base of the Law regarding the Free International Airport ”Marculesti”, adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on July 10, 2008.

 Following from its potential and capacities, the airport will accentuate the transport of goods in its activity , with that end in view being planned the creation of a logistic centre, construction of terminals, etc.

It is to mention that, concurrently with the designation of the Government representative in the free Airport, the process of registering residents started. The residents will carry out their activity in different domains, benefiting by customs and fiscal facilities, as well as serious guarantees from the state.

At the present day, in the free Airport, there’re already registered companies intending to carry out activities of air transport of goods by logistics and big aircrafts.

A number of requests from the potential residents of the free Airport are still in the process of examination.


One of the basic conditions, that follows to be performed by the residents of the Free Airport, is the attraction of resources and local labor force.